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Med-O-Wheel Smart ™ – and you remember to take your medicine

What is Addoz Med-O-Wheel Smart?

Usually, the problem with the implementation of long-term treatment is a gradual reduction in the commitment to the treatment when it lasts for several months. The Med-O-Wheel Smart is the solution for this problem with long-term treatments. Med-O-Wheel Smart is a tool for reminding patients to take their medicine and help them commit to the treatment. Furthermore, Med-O-Wheel Smart efficiently prevents medication misuse.

Med-O-Wheel Smart motivates the patient to take the medication on time and regularly, and is a safe tool for drug distribution. It ensures high-quality medication and thus allows patients to remain living at home. The criteria for rational medication are efficiency, safety, expediency and economy. Our goal is that the patient takes the right medicine in the right amount at the right time and in the right way.

Features and benefits

  • The Med-O-Wheel Smart reminds the patient to take the medication on time, and prevents medication misuse
  • 1-4 doses per day
  • Medicine dose only available at the right time
    • improves user safety
  • Wireless and portable
    • can be used anywhere
  • Easy-to-use dosage cassette
    • can be re-filled by the user, relatives or professional carers
  • Alarming reminder for forgotten doses
    • reduces problems caused by imprecise medication
  • Automatic low battery alarm
    • ensures a continuous optimal operation
  • In order to receive the medication, the user must press a button on the dispenser
    • monitors user activity

And what is more

  • Possible to remove the dosage cover
  • Possible to adjust the force needed to push the dispenser button to release medication
  • Can be locked

The Med-O-Wheel Smart operation principle

Med-O-Wheel Smart can be programmed for one to four dose times daily as required, and it reminds the patient to take medication on time with audio and light alarms.

Once the patient pushes the transparent part of the device cover, it rotates the cassette inside and makes the correct dose available, while waiting for the next dose time.
If a dose has been missed despite all the reminders, the dispenser will skip that dose and make the next correct dose available, when its time comes. The missed dose remains inside the cassette to allow that medication to be monitored and re-used.

Why is Med-O-Wheel Smart necessary?

It is a challenge for people to follow the instructions on their doctors' prescriptions, and not doing so may have fatal consequences.