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Med-O-Wheel ™ - for safe dosage

The Addoz Med-O-Wheel is a medication dispenser developed for dosage of medication and vitamins. The dispenser meets the needs of a variety of groups and replaces conventional dispensers for use in health care.
People, who have to take medication or vitamins daily, recognise how difficult it is to remember when to take them. Afterwards, it is also hard to remember whether the medicine was taken or not.

Grouping these pills, tablets and capsules into one handy cassette, offers the immediate benefit of having each dose readily available for taking when necessary. If the dose is not taken, it remains in the cassette as a constant reminder of the untaken dose.


  • attractive round shape and bright colours make it pleasant to use
  • manufactured in 14- and 28-dose sizes
  • colours: red, blue and green
  • made of medical-grade polycarbonate, the two-part Med-O-Wheel is unbreakable in normal use
  • t can also be cleaned like other utensils, either by hand, in a dishwasher or in an autoclave.


Use the following accessories with the Med-O-Wheel:

  • Dosage calendar: helps the user to determine which dose should be put in which section of the wheel cassette
  • Dosage cover: effectively prevents dosage errors
  • Seal: the Med-O-Wheel can easily be secured for safe transportation with a seal
  • Dosage sticker: medical information can easily be added to the Med-O-Wheel base with a dose sticker.

Use at the chemists

Med-O-Wheel is also suitable for medication logistics use at the chemists, where the wheel cassettes are refilled for patients.

Medication safety is enhanced when

  • the chemist can monitor the choice of medication and its possible side-effects and relevance from the patient point of view
  • dosage can be accomplished in a quiet and clean room designated for this purpose.

Nursing staff workload is relieved when

  • the number of visits to the chemist is reduced
  • changes to medication are easier to administer
  • refilling is easier
  • additional visits to chemist are no longer needed
  • prescription renewals are left to the chemist.