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Addoz Portal

All information about the medication, using the Mobile Med-O-Wheel Smart, is gathered in a separate Addoz portal. Through the Internet, the online portal allows the monitoring and analysis of the medication use at certain intervals.

This information can be used later in planning patient care. Doctors obtain accurate information on the medication use and are able to make more exact diagnoses based on this information. This reduces unnecessary tests and examinations as the system indicates the exact level of medication.

The patient's commitment to the treatment is contributed by the possibility to activate reminder calls regarding medication administration directly to the patient and alerts, for example, to the service centre, nurse or relative.

Features and benefits

  • Real-time monitoring of medication history on the Internet
    • provides professional carers with the correct information on the patient's medication use
  • Communicates the percentage of medication use with precision
    • provides additional information to the professional carers when determining treatment measures for the patient
  • Allows reminder calls to the Med-O-Wheel Smart user
    • ensures on-time medication administration
  • Allows remote alerts to the desired address
    • brings additional safety to on-time medication administration
  • Safe and secure connection
    • medication information remains confidential, only available to your professional carers